Saturday, July 29, 2017

California 14er-fest

I am nervously writing, sitting here in a comfortable chair, coffee in hand. Last night I tossed and turned in a nice warm bed, obsessing over the affairs of the coming week. On Monday morning I will set out on a trip to link up all 15 of California's 14,000 ft peaks under the power of my own two legs. Starting out of Tuttle Creek I will hike and climb all of the 14ers in California unsupported, riding my bicycle between trail heads along the way. I have chosen this fashion of movement (unsupported and human powered) because it seems like the best and most pure style to do it in. Using the current Fastest Known Time as the trip's structure I am shooting to finish in Shasta 9 days after I begin.

Had I been writing this post even a month ago I would have been doing so with giddy excitement and even a bit of pride, but now only a couple days out from starting, I sit here with anxiety and nervousness stiring in my belly, reminding me that I am on the cusp of a vast unknown for me. That unknown, as I have to continually remind myself, is the ultimate reason for doing something like this, as it presents the greatest opportunity for personal grown and self discovery. Besides, no matter how much this trip scares me, it's too late now, I've already told too many people about it 😁.

I have had awesome support from Patagonia, Naked Running band, Vfuel, and Drymax socks. I also would have been totally lost with out the bag help from Javier Yanco at Yanco customs, without whom I'd probably be trying to carry everything in my hands. Lastly, the support of the Reno Mountain Runners, and anyone else who are letting me borrow your things, has been awesome!

All the Goods 

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Happy trails!

Erik Schulte

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  1. Sounds like a cool adventure. I know Yanco, we ran up brown mountain together a while back. A really cool guy. I also got selected in the AC100 lottery. That is going to be my big adventure for next year.