Friday, October 14, 2016

Finding Contentment

The weather outside sucks today. Okay, thats a fairly subjective statement. Its windy; like 40 miles per hour windy. Its drizzling AND there is a fire near our house. What?! I took Watson out for a walk in the smoke filled air, and even he did not enjoy it. He looked up at me, as the rain slapped us sideways across our faces, with a "WTF are we doing out here?" look. Thats what sort of day it is outside.

This is weather that I very rarely would have had to deal with in Southern California (where weather is more of an idea than a tangible reality). So, being here in the Sierras this past year learning that my plans and ambitions are somewhat dictated by the seasons has been a bit of a lesson slowly learned. Not only that, but other things get in the way such as money, time, work, and other "adultish" responsibilities, all of which help to shuffle Summer goals into Fall, and before you know it the snow is flying up high in the mountains and your SOL for any non-technical bi-pedal movement. "Better wax up those skis," everyone keeps telling me excitedly, but all I feel is the anxiety of not being able to accomplish the lofty ideas I've dreamt up while staring at everyone else' Gram feeds earlier this year. "The best laid plans..."(I'm not sure how that saying ends).

The other day (when it wasn't stormy out) I was running up Thomas Creek and came upon the most beautiful array of fiery fall colors. Such beauty that my up tempo run came to a screeching halt. For a moment I forgot about what strava would say about my pace and marveled at the scene before me. After too many poorly shot photos with no real focal point, I picked back up and focused on the rest of my run. This is the point in the blog where I am supposed to have some great epiphany that solves all my problems. Nope. I'm still wrestling to find some sort of contentment with not accomplishing any of my goals this summer.  I guess some years are like that. Nonetheless, the seasons move forward whether I like it or not. Summer is over, and Fall is marching toward a (hopefully) snowy Winter. What ever the season, the mountains sure are beautiful, here, right now.

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