Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snow Day

What to do on a snow day?
I woke this morning, read the avy report: Avalanche Conditions Are Considerable.  
Next Plan: maybe do some XC skiing.
As I drove in my two wheel drive pickup onto the freeway and looked at the white sheets of snow blocking my view of the mountains I decided I didn't feel like putting on chains.
Tertiary Plan: Run from Reno - Hunter Creek Trail as snow fell in oversized flakes blanketing both the trail and my face. I opted to go explore a ridge in the snow, saw some deer, and somewhere in the knee high powder post holing I lost my right microspike. My backtracking was for naught, as the falling snow quickly concealed my tracks, entombing my poor lost microspike till spring.
Back at home: Make coffee, listen to serial, and watch as the snow piles up outside.
Learning Winter's patience.