Friday, April 17, 2015

Notes from the West: 1

The muscles in my legs screamed for air with each sluggish step. The switchback before I let Chris pass, and just up ahead he effortlessly trotted off; just out of reach. I started out too excited and my lack of focus was fully apparent now with each misplaced foot strike.  I switched to a hike, trying to remember what I was doing there, as the sun rose, and the cool morning breeze floated down the steep canyon.
Not Bear Canyon

"Even with the best intensions it is difficult to master the way of unfavorable conditions; living in a quiet place in the bosom of nature is the most conducive for practice. It is better to rely, at first, on place rather than the mind." Saicho (quote stolen from Joe Grant's blog)

Finding rhythm; breath and legs moving, hiking. Knowing Chris had run this section, and yet reminding myself to be present with each rocky step. I was there to practice. If yoga is practice for health and meditation, then running is practice for movement in the mountains: a type of meditation in and of itself.

Thanks Julbo for the awesome shades! 
 I struggled to a 1:39.58 to the top of Bear Canyon. Chris cruised to a 1:34.xx 

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