Monday, March 2, 2015

This week in Haiku

Greetings! I don't have anything interesting to write about this week, but I did find myself writing down a few poems. So here they are, with a few pictures interspersed.

Valley heat rising
Waist high snow drifts: silent guards
Legs, arms, mind engaged.

Wisps of wind and clouds
Signs of an absent winter
Here, just for today.

Trapped inside a bowl
A breeze from snowcapped mountains
Awaits and eager mind.

Long ago the leaves have fallen
Yet fresh snow brings newness
As if winter's cold precipitation
Also brings whispers of spring.


Thanks for reading. Cheers!

When it snows in Southern California, you can't hesitate.  Thanks to Hammer Nutrition and Simple Hydration for keeping me going!

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