Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Healing 8/17 - 8/24

Saturday 8/17
AM: 8 miles down at sea level.  The knee was feeling good with a little tightness in my right quad.  Easily knocked out 6:30ish/mile pace.
PM: 4 miles +1,000 ft. on Sam Merrill Trail before my new knee taping technique fell off.  Felt good without any knee pain.

Sunday 8/18
AM: With a better tape job, ran up to Inspiration Point via Castle Canyon.  I felt a bit sluggish. 10mi +2,500 ft.
Ran to work and back. 8mi.

Monday 8/19
AM: Took it easy on the knee: Ran the long way to work and back home. 11mi.

Tuesday 8/20
AM: Ran with Chris up to Muir Peak via Castle Canyon. 12 mi +3,000 ft.
Ran to work and back.  8 mi.

Wednesday 8/21
AM: Ran lower Steep and Cheap loop.  My time from the top of lake to top of S and C was 23 minutes, which wasn't super fast, but not slow for my first time in almost a month. 6 mi + 1,500 ft.
Ran to work and climbed at the gym after work. 4 mi.

Thursday 8/22
I procrastinated all morning, got to the track late, and quit after 2 hard mile repeats and one easy mile. I often lack discipline on the track.

Friday 8/23
Finally got out into the mountains again for a proper long run.  I originally intended to tag Baldy, Dawson, and Pine via Bear Canyon, but when I got up to Baldy I saw that there was a fire on the base of Dawson Peak.  So I ran down the Ski Hut Trail and then up to the Notch and back to Baldy (2nd time).  I had a little bit of quad cramping about half way through, but other than that no real issues.I just took my time.  20mi +10,000 ft.

Saturday 8/24
I intended to run, but the task to put a camper shell on my truck turned out to be a whole fiasco, taking much longer than I had intended.  Oh well.

It felt good to put in a more solid week of running than I have in the past month.  I am feeling great, and I have since been able to run with out pain and no knee taping.  Discipline, patience, understanding.

Week Total: 94 mi. +18,000 ft.

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