Monday, June 3, 2013

In the Shadow of Shadow of the Giants

The last two weeks have been pretty low key as I am tapering for Shadow of the Giants. Its been warm and I have been trying to climb more, hopefully preparing for the second part of my summer: more mountain running and peak bagging in the Sierras.  This weekend in Yosemite will hopefully be the perfect place for my transition.  More pictures to follow.

Week of 5/19- 5/25:  73mi + 23,500 ft.
         I cut the week short to let my tired legs rest before running the Mt. Wilson Trail Race on Saturday.  I came in 5th in 1:06:xx (not a bad effort for someone who has been training for longer races).  After the first mile or so of the race, watching the fast guys pull away up the trail, I resolved to just have a good time out there, and so I settled into a good pace, greeting the volunteers and enjoying the beautiful day.  After the turn around I picked up the pace and had fun on the downhill.  The energy from all of the other racers I passed on the way down really made it a blast, and it was great to see Jess and my sister trudging up the trail.  Overall, it was a really fun race.

5/26-5/31: 50mi +10,000 ft.
          I scaled it way back this past week, and finished on Friday with a 20 mile loop around Mt. Waterman with Chris and Peter. On Saturday Jess and I headed back up to Horse Flats for a little bouldering, (definitely out of climbing shape).

Top of Mt. Waterman

Chris getting a head start on the bouldering action.

Climbing is hard work

B1 Traverse

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