Friday, May 24, 2013

Running and More Running

May 5 - May 19

These last two week I have really been trying to ramp up my training before I have to taper for Shadow of the Giants.  It has been more of a struggle than I would have liked, but I think its going well.

Sunday: Traveled all day back from the weekend in the Siskyous, got home late.

Monday: No run, woke up late, and just went to work.

Tuesday: am 16 mi. + 6,000 ft. Ran with Peter and Chris, tagged Mt. Lowe and Gabriel. I had to turn around early to make it to work on time.
 pm 4x1600m repeats: After a little confusion of weather I had to pay to run on a local track I was able to put in some faster miles, but overall I just felt tired.

Wednesday: Worked, and went to the climbing gym in the afternoon.

Thursday: 7 mi +2,500 ft. I put in a sustained effort from my house up to Echo Mountain and back for a total of around 55 mins.

Friday: 21 mi + 8,000 ft. Ran the Three Peaks (Baldy, Thunder, and Timber?) with Dom and Chris.  I was feeling extra tired.  Nonetheless a fun day in the mountains. (Sorry, no pics.  I forgot to charge my camera) 

Saturday: 5mi + 1,000 ft. Hot and tired.

Sunday: 17mi + 4,000 ft. I took it a little easier, but still got some good turn over on some more mellow trails; trying to prepare for Shadow of the Giants.

Monday: 13mi + 4,000 ft.  Mike and I tagged Mt Lowe for a nice recovery run.

Tuesday: 5x1600m. I felt good and well rested for some quality fast miles. 

Wednesday: 7mi +2,500 ft.  From the house to Echo. I didn't feel extra fast, but I did it a whole minute faster than the week before.

Thursday: am 12mi +3,500 ft. Muir Peak with Peter.  Then I ran to work (4mi)
  pm 4mi ran home from work.

Friday: 21mi + 4,000 ft. A flatter long run with Dom in the Santa Monica Mountains.  Warm and Humid 

Dom Scrambling( couldn't get the sweat off the camera lens)

Saturday: 9 mi with Jess up Mt Wilson trail.  We had a blast, and she was flying as you can see.

After our run my mom came over to the house to help build our new garden!

Sunday: am- 12 mi +3,500 ft. Ran to Muir Peak.
pm- 4mi. Ran home from work, Felt zonked.

Self Portrait, running down from Muir
2 week total: 148 mi + 37,500 ft.

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