Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spirit Totem Animals: 4/7/13-4/14/13

 Do you ever wonder how people get their nicknames?  Or more importantly how spirit animals get tied to a person?  For some, I am sure, it may involve a sweat hut or some sort of spiritual leader, but for me it rested upon the shoulders of this guy:
Being a unicorn himself I guess Dominic Grossman has a nack for seeing other people's totem animals (or he just makes them up), and so at the beginning of our run on Friday my totem animal was born.  We stopped to sign the registry: The Unicorn, Prizzle, (I don't remember what Peter's was, but I think he's swift like a rabbit, so there), and when it came to me Dom wrote: Schulte the Fox.   I assume that once something is written in ink on some random trail registry it holds some infallible truth to it, and so with it written in ink I became the fox.

I took it easy, did a little cross training, and finished making a hatchet handle that I had been putting off for weeks.

Mike "I need a nickname" Ryan cruising up to Mt Wilson
Ran with Mike (he needs a nickname) up Old Mt. Wilson Trail and decided to take a route that took us up a ridge and to the toll road.

Quick run up to Echo Mountain before work.

Echo again.

Ran with Chris and Mike up a "yet to be officially named" route with some minor scrambling and then on to Mt. Lowe. 

Chris working on his heel hooks.

Ran out of Manker Flats with Chris, Dom, and Peter over Mt. Baldy, Dawson, and Pine and back.  It was a beautiful day,  full of glissading, steep down hills (and subsequently steep uphills), and overall perfect mountain running.  I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Unicorn and Peter Rabbit
Peter navigating the technical downhill with ease.

Perfect form from Mr. Chris Price

I went climbing with Jess at the Quarry.  We got there early and were able to get some really fun routes in before it got too crowded.  Jess was crushing it with her first time leading a route!

Belaying is serious!

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