Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Good Day: 3/31/13-4/6/13

My mom visited me this weekend. She showed me this inspiring video. Its beautiful, and I hope everyone has a good day.

 Ate too much.

Ran up to Sunset ridge.  I felt tired and sluggish, probably from all of the over eating the day before.

 Up Steep n' Cheap to Inspiration Point with Chris. I tried to push the pace early, but the sluggishness returned to my legs and I struggled to keep up somewhere towards the top.  I had to bow out early to make it to work on time, but still managed to take a pretty solid digger on the way down Castle Canyon.  And so it goes.

 Mike and I ran up to the bench on the Mt Wilson trail.  It was warmer than we planned, but it felt nice to regain some (as my Grandma would say) "vim and vigger" back in my legs.

 A quick run up to Echo Mountain with Chris. I felt really good, and pushed the pace a bit. Then ran to work.

Had a long run through the fog in the morning up the Mt. Wilson Toll Road, down Winter Creek, over Mt. Zion, up Sturtevant, and back down the toll road for a nice 24 miles.  In the afternoon my mom came over and we grilled up some lentil burgers (from Eat and Run) and had a bonfire.  It was a wonderful end to a beautiful day!

Hiked up to San Gabriel Peak with my mom; then had lunch on top of Mt Wilson (no pictures because I failed to charge my camera).  In the afternoon I ran up to Echo and back, still feeling good.

I put in about 70ish miles this week and I am feeling confident about my fitness going into the last few weeks before Leona.  Now the taper begins, and I hope to occupy myself a bit more with climbing, so I can let my running muscles heal to 100% by the time the race comes.  Chris told me to just stop falling and I will do well, so that's my new goal.

Jess was busy this week, so she didn't get out much, nonetheless, she is trying to get into everyone of my blog there you go. 

And remember:
"...if its a path, it could lead you to a beach or something and it could be beautiful." Have a great week everyone!

Mmm, Spring Water


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  1. Cool video! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for dropping me on the way up to Echo on Thursday =)

    I sympathize with your eating situation. I went to the Grand Canyon, ran from the South Rim to the North Rim and back, and came back 5 pounds heavier. Oh well.