Monday, April 22, 2013

4/14- 4/21

Sunday: 6.5 mi, 1700ft Echo Mountain from home ( This is going to be the theme of the week)

Monday: 6.5mi, 1700ft Echo Mountain

Tuesday: 6.5 mi, 1700ft Echo Mountain + after work climbing.

Wednesday: Climbing

Thursday: 6.5mi, 1700ft Echo Mountain

Friday:13mi, 5,000 ft. Steep and Cheap to Inspiration, then out to Mt. Lowe and tagged Markham too with some fun scrambling and dancing with poodle dog brush.It was a fun day out with Unicorn, Chris, and Peter!
Found a friend along the way!

More superfluous heel hooks.

The day's not complete without drawing a little blood.  San Gabriel and Markham from Lowe.

Just a short climb

More chute scrambling, more falling rocks.

Finally some runnable terrain.

Saturday:5.5 mi, 1400 ft. Evening run with Jess up to Echo again. 

Crushing it as always!

Downtown La La Land
Sunday: 11 mi, 862 ft. Ran from the house to the upper Arroyo Seco trail to the Brown Mt. Dam. Opted for some flatter stuff to remind my legs that they are fast. 

Week Total: 55mi, 14,000ft.  Now its time for some more tapering.

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