Saturday, March 16, 2013

Taking a Step Back (3/3/13-3/16/13)

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of adventure.  Coming off of a few higher mileage weeks I have slowly taken a step back in my running to allow my body to stay injury free (there is no running with an injured body). Thus, the week of 3/3/13 - 3/9/13 I ran in the mid 50 mile rage for the week, and this last week somewhere in the upper 30's.  Normally, this is a struggle for me to step back, but this last week I had so many other options of things to do that I was not tempted to run more than my body needed.

Two weeks ago we had the privilege of dog sitting for my brother in law, and so I had the company of Brooklyn on a few of my runs that week.  Wednesday we ran from the house up to Mt Lowe and back. She was quite the trooper. Aprox: 16 miles, 4,000 ft of elevation gain.

 On Friday Dominic, Peter, and I (with a late cameo by Chris) ran up Mt. Wilson.  The snow was fresh and fluffy, and Dom (aka Mr. Unicorn) and I kept up the pace to make it a solid 25 miles with 6,600 feet of gain.  It was a great day out in the mountains!

I took Saturday off because my knee was feeling a bit stiff, and Sunday I rode the bike up Mt Lowe Rd. Monday morning I ran up Castle Canyon, and could not help but to go for a little off trail adventure that included some 3rd and 4th class scrambling.  The route would have been perfect had there not been thick bush-wacking to top out on brier ridge.   I don't know if its really worth going back.
note the bandaged toe.

Tuesday I went climbing with Jess at the Riverside Quarry.  We got in one route before I split my toe open on a rock.  Lame! Wednesday I went out to do a bit of spring skiing with my sister.  The weather was warm, but Mt. Baldy was empty, so we got in as many runs as we wanted.  When I got home I put in one lap on lower steep and cheap to lower Sam Merrel and then back home. 

Thursday I went out climbing at Tunnel Crags with Mike.  It was my first time there, and we had a blast.  I hope to be heading back up there soon! I then went on an evening run up Steep and Cheap and connected the ridge to Inspiration Point and down Castle Canyon.  It felt nice to start getting a solid rhythm in my technical running that I felt I had been missing for a while.

Friday I ran up to Echo Mountain for a quick outing before work.

Saturday I did some cross training in the morning and ran up the Sunset ridge trail after work with Jess.

Over all, I feel rejuvenated after these last two weeks, and I am ready to jump back in to training to get ready for Leona Divide .  I have learned to really listen to my body when it comes to training, and it was good for me to take a step back from running and enjoy other hobbies in the mountains.   I look forward to putting in some bigger mileage weeks in the next month so I can give my all in the next race.


- Erik 

P.S. In future posts I will be more precise with my mileage and elevation, my watch recently broke and I am awaiting a new one in the mail.

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